About us

These days, human-computer interaction (HCI) research is one of the most interesting areas in computing. It combines knowledge, techniques, and methodologies from many academics fields, most notably computer science, design, and psychology. We are viewing HCI from a technological standpoint, but are interested in psychological, sociological, aesthetic, philosophical, and applicational and translational aspects of it.
Our main focus isn't the computer as such - it is technology for users in society. We conceptually design, prototypically implement, and evaluate systems, in particular in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Mobile Systems, Videoconferencing, Health and Industrial Applications, and combinations of those.

For students

The University of Otago is a great place to study, offers a very good research environment, and we do our best in offering interesting thesis and research topics as well as good supervision. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in working with us (Interns/Master/PhD/PostDoc) but make clear why you want to work with us and what experience you have in the relevant fields. We also have a good overview about funding opportunities and scholarhship options.

If you are curious what Dunedin has to offer besides a great research and study environment better check the video below:



Holger Regenbrecht / Tobias Langlotz
holger.regenbrecht(at)otago.ac.nz / tobias.langlotz(at)otago.ac.nz
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